Future Star Racing is #TeamFSR

Things move fast at Future Star Racing!

Just in the last couple of months, we’ve grown our 2022 team to include three drivers, two crew chiefs, and a new team manager to work alongside Al Unser, Jr., Future Star Racing’s Director of Competition. Meet all TeamFSR members on our TEAM FSR page.

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Same Website. Shorter URL. Faster Access! In racing, every second counts. The same goes for the Internet. Your time matters. That’s why TeamFSR.com now takes you directly to the official Future Star Racing website (https://www.futurestarracing.com/).

#TeamFSR or #TeamFSR2022

Socially Speaking. Going forward, Future Star Racing is sharing content through our social media platforms with a faster team hashtag #TeamFSR. Join us in sharing Future Star Racing by including that hashtag in your posts, along with #TeamFSR2022.

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