Mac Clark Wins FR Americas at NOLA

April 9, 2022 - NOLA Motorsports Park

It’s the race of the FR season at NOLA Motorsports. Last year’s most winning driver joins TeamFSR and takes the win!

Starting in Position 2, TeamFSR Racer Mac Clark quickly advanced to win the day at NOLA Motorsports Park.

Photo by Donna Bastrzycki

AVONDALE, La. (April 9, 2022) – Mac Clark made his Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda (FR Americas) debut at NOLA Motorsports Park on Saturday afternoon, and he did it in winning fashion. The 18-year-old Canadian took the lead in his No. 25 Future Star Racing Ligier JS F3 on the first lap, and led all the way to the checkered flag in a race that stayed green from start to finish.


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