Al Unser, Jr. at Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat Game

Pacers vs Heat - 12/12/22

IndyCar legend and TeamFSR Director of Competition Al Unser Jr. revved up the crowd before last night’s Indiana Pacers game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Al, a two-time Indianapolis 500 winner, shared his team pride with flying colors and a thumbs up in support of Indiana’s NBA Champion team, now competing in the playoffs.

It was a big night for Al and his special guest, wife Norma Lawrence Unser, as they celebrated and took photos with basketball and race fans.

The Pacers have won three championships, all in the ABA. The Pacers were NBA Eastern Conference champions in 2000. The team has won nine division titles.

Pacers 2022 season: 14-14, 8-6 HOME

Final score: Miami Heat 87 / Indiana Pacers 82

Catch game highlights at ESPN


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