Ernie Francis, Jr.

Winningest All-Time Driver in 55 Years of Trans Am Racing

Ernie Francis Jr.'s career record at 22 years old in professional racing is a remarkable feat that very few have been able to accomplish.

Starting to race at the early age of 4, Ernie Junior followed his father’s footsteps and passion for the art of racing automobiles. His mechanical knowledge and troubleshooting skills learned from his father as he grew up at the Breathless Pro Racing family business have highly contributed to his talent.

Ernie Junior has spent several years testing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and correcting issues with his race car as well as shop clients’ race cars. He is proficient in engine replacements, transmission rebuilds, welding, fiberglass repair, and metal fabrication.

He also coaches clients and is involved in tire testing runs for one of the top tire manufacturers in the world.

His Success is Proven by all of his Accomplishments Throughout the Years

"Winning never gets old."​

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