A.D. Cook

Website Design and Brand Delopment

Creative designer, A.D. handles the website design and brand development for TeamFSR.

A multidisciplinary artist, creative designer, and web geek, A.D. has designed for print since 1980, and for the web since 1995.

A.D.’s fine art portfolio website has been online since 1996 and showcases automotive and motorcycle artworks. Three of A.D.’s original motorcycle paintings are currently on tour with the LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Paintings, a national museum tour spanning five years.


2005 to current – Art and design by hand and digital with a focus on Internet design, development, and search engine optimization.

Outside of graphic design, A.D. creates realistic automotive and motorcycle artworks, and original fine art nude paintings on canvas and metal.

Additional passions include creative writing and travel at ground level.

1994 through 2004 – President, A.D. Cook + Associates, Portland, Oregon.

Partial client list: Artool Products, Bushwacker, Crimson Trace Lasergrips, Hollywood Video, Iwata-Medea, PIAA Lights, Pierian Springs Software, Portland TrailBlazers, and WebTrends Software.

A contributing editor for Airbrush Action magazine, A.D. has also instructed numerous workshops for the airbrush community.

1989 through 1994 – Creative Director, Hollywood Entertainment Corporation dba Hollywood Video stores. In addition to creating the company’s brand and logos, designing store graphics, and managing their corporate art department, A.D. painted dozens of murals, many of which were showcased in video stores throughout the United States.

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About Ad Impressions, Banner Rotation, and Throttle Speed

Ad Rotation and Throttle Speed

Banner Ads randomly rotate for maximum exposure.

Each Banner Ad View is an Impression.

Page traffic, the number of banners within any given placement, throttle speed, and visitor retention determine impression count.

Throttle speed determines how often a banner is displayed. If all banners are set to the same throttle speed, then all ads from a placement are displayed equally. By default, each banner’s throttle is set to five (out of ten) upon placement on the website.

We can throttle up your ad at your request for greater visibility (for more impressions).

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