RaceCraft1 // Driver Development

Nestled within the extraordinary SILO Auto Club and Conservancy event space, RaceCraft1 offers the discerning enthusiast unmatched access to driving expertise.

RaceCraft1 Interior

RaceCraft1 offers its comprehensive curriculum to all clientele, from quarter midgets and karts to micro sprints, late models and open-wheel, sports cars to prototypes, dirt and paved for novice enthusiasts to seasoned professional racers.

Take advantage of their scheduled seminars or let RaceCraft1 custom tailor an individual training program that matches your schedule and needs. RaceCraft1 is a resource for racers, racing schools, coaches, instructors, crew chiefs, spotters, race engineers, and professional racing teams. RaceCraft1 instructs trackside, on track, online, and at the RaceCraft1 Motorsports Center in Indianapolis.

The modular RaceCraft1 Comprehensive Curriculum includes:

  • Vehicle Operation
  • Advanced Car Control
  • The Racing Line
  • Vehicle Employment
  • Planning, Strategy, and Tactics
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Car Tuning, Setup, Feedback & Engineering
  • Racer Psychology
  • Best Safety Practices
  • Instructor Upgrade
  • Karts and Quarter Midgets to Cars, Making the Transition

Download RaceCraft1's Comprehensive Curriculum & Services and Pricing PDFs Below for Details

RaceCraft1 has over 20 years’ experience with training, development, practice, and evaluation. Their experience includes full-scale professional instruction and evaluation of fighter pilots, commercial airline pilots, and racers.


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