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From Karting To The Pros

Hey Kart Racers. Are you ready for the next level of racing? Future Star Racing will help you transition from Karting to Formula 4 though the FR Americas and USF2000 Series on your road to winning INDY.

FIA Formula 4, also called FIA F4, is an open-wheel racing car category intended for junior drivers. HPD Factory and Junior Drivers compete in multiple racing series in 2021.

With innovations in safety and affordability, the Formula Regional Americas Championship is designed to attract the very best young talent from around the world.

The Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship debuted in 2010 and is a continuation of the highly regarded USF2000, the series is the first official step on the Road to Indy Presented by Cooper Tires.

The FIA Formula 4 & Formula Regional Championships are designed as entry-level open-wheel racing series offering young talent the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a national platform.


  • CAR: Single-seater carbon fibre monocoque, produced in collaboration with companies from the Pole Performance Nevers Magny -Cours and approved by the FIA in 2014. This race car intended for young drivers all over the world (under the aegis of the National Federations) is equipped with the latest FIA safety specifications
  • ENGINE: 4 cylinder engines homologated for FIA F4 (2L naturally aspirated Renault and Geely, 1.6L turbocharged Ford EcoBoost). Maximum power 160 HP
  • GEARBOX: SADEV six speed sequential gearbox with reverse. Pneumatic gearshift control with steering wheel shift paddles.
  • F4 is the foundation to the FIA championship ladder. Drivers have to be at least 15 to compete and hold either a C or D grade license.


  • CAR: The Formula Regional (FR) Americas Championship Powered by Honda (previously known as F3 Americas) offers young talent the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on an international platform while keeping affordability and safety as key elements of the program. Having the FR Americas chassis manufactured in the United States by Ligier Automotive, the Honda Civic Type R motor built in Anna, Ohio, and the Hankook tires marketed and distributed out of Nashville, Tennessee.
  • ENGINE: Honda Civic Type R motor built in Anna, Ohio. 303 HP
  • GEARBOX: 6-speed sequential pneumatic paddle shift


  • CAR: 2022 marked another pivotal year with the introduction of new chassis – the Tatuus IP-22 and USF-22 – which will extend the competition life of each to 2026. Upgrades include a new, wider monocoque with the addition of a Halo-type device as well as new sidepods, underfloor, engine cover, air ducts, damper covers and fuel cell.
  • ENGINE: Mazda developed 2-litre MZR (175 HP) prepared by Elite Engines, with maximum torque of 160 Ft. Lbs., utilizing a fly by wire throttle system and Cosworth SQ6 engine management system.
  • GEARBOX: Sadev SL75 six-speed sequential transmission fitted with optimized USF2000 gear ratio set controlled by a Magnetti Marelli gearshift system.
  • USF2000 is open to drivers age 15 and up (with 14-year-olds eligible pending review and acceptance of a driving resume).
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