Our Next Future Star

Think You Could Be Our Next Future Star Driver?

Future Star Racing is Recruiting Young Proven Drivers!

Join TeamFSR and excel! Our winning team is directed and coached by two-time Indy 500 winner Al Unser, Jr., along with a stellar team that includes Kelly Jones, RaceCraft1, Andy O’Gara, Sarah Fisher, and a professional mechanics/data/support crew.

Learn more about TeamFSR here.

Future Star Racing is committed to helping young drivers advance to the next level in their driving and professional careers.

TeamFSR Members Participate In

 Sponsorship Development

Fundraising Training

Media Guidance

Social Media Support
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Team Building


Andy O’Gara, Indy Car Crew Chief

Sarah Fisher, 9-time Indy 500 winner

Al Unser, Jr., two-time Indy 500 winner

For the 2022 Season, we are offering a full season and race-by-race options! If you think you could be our next Future Star, apply today by clicking below.


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