Formula regional americas championship

Powered by Honda

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FR Americas will race select weekends with the F4 U.S. Championship and other prestigious series. The 2020 season event schedule includes:

With innovations in safety and affordability, the Formula Regional Americas Championship is designed to attract the very best young talent from around the world. SCCA Pro Racing sanctions this Championship, recognizing the importance of developing the racing stars of tomorrow.

Affordability is a key component of the series, from the Honda engines to the Ligier Crawford JS F3 chassis built by Ligier Automotive and Hankook tires. All FR Americas Championship cars are built in North America. (Click here for full FR Americas package)

With the F4 U.S. Championship exceeding the expectations of its partners and participants, its drivers and teams are seeking the next step in their championship development. After years of discussion, development, testing, and manufacturing, the FR Americas Championship is ready for launch. The regional FIA series is the fastest way for an aspiring driver to gain experience to an international racing platform at an affordable price.

The FR Americas Championship Powered by Honda offers young talent the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on an international platform while keeping affordability and safety as key elements of the program. Having the FR Americas chassis manufactured in the United States by Ligier Automotive, the Honda Civic Type R motor built in Anna, Ohio, and the Hankook tires marketed and distributed out of Nashville, Tennessee, aids in affordability and availability.

Stepping into the FR Americas series builds upon the progression offered from the F4 U.S. Championship both on and off the track. With driver training, unmatched affordability, and strong manufacturer support, competitors can grow and succeed into the higher levels of motorsports.

FR Americas offers plenty of track time for drivers. Race meetings will offer three 35-minute races with qualifying and two 35-minute practices built into the race weekend. Altogether, the drivers have around three hours of track time available per race meeting, allowing them to increase their experience in open-wheel racing.

One of FR America’s greatest strengths, compared to other young driver categories, is the analytical work that must be carried out by the drivers in cooperation with their engineers. The series is a spec series, allowing multi-car or single-car teams the same opportunity of success with capped costs; however, the cars allow for significant setup adjustments, which increases the drivers’ technical knowledge and gains experience required for moving up the open wheel ladder, whether with a large or small team.

The top-eight drivers will be presented FIA Super License points to aid in their racing career advancement to Formula 1.


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