Team FSR Supports These Worthwhile Causes

The Wings And Wheels Foundation helps promising young race drivers advance to a higher level in their racing careers.

A 501c3 charitable organization

Isaiah 40:31

The David Foster Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants. In addition to helping families with their non-medical expenses, the Foundation strives to increase public awareness and education about the importance of becoming a registered organ donor in Canada and the United States.


Driver Supported Causes

The world of Motorsports has taught David the importance of bringing awareness and giving back to issues and causes that are important to a driver. For him, that is Autism.

Autism affects a high rate of children in the U.S., and David’s nephew and niece are among those on the autism spectrum. Not only does he plan on raising awareness for Autism as a professional race car driver, but he is also raising awareness through creating a Youtube channel that highlights a few other activities.

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