Al Unser, Jr. Interviewed About Chloe Chambers, Ernie Francis, Jr., and Future Star Racing

Al Unser, Jr. Has Been Around Racing All His Life And Has Seen A Lot of Great Talent!

In this interview, he shares what he sees in 16-year-old racer Chloe Chambers, and 22-year-old Ernie Francis, Jr., the next Future Stars of Racing!

Mr. Unser shares the methodical process as he mentors Chloe through her transition from kart racing to Formula 4. We went to share his experience with Ernie Francis, Jr.

// Video Transcipt //

Interviewer >

Al, you’ve been around racing all your life, and you’ve seen some great talent. What do you think of this young kid coming up from New York?

Al Unser, Jr. > 

Chloe is super. I’ll tell ya when we first started she was so methodical about how she got up to speed, and that’s exactly what you want.

You want your steps taken in control, each one at a time.

At first, she was about two-and-a-half seconds off of the fast guy, and by the time we were done with our first test after about three or four days, she was within a half-second of them.

It’s been really special working with her.

Interviewer >

What’s the biggest thing you want her to learn on the Furmula 4 level?

Al Unser, Jr. > 

Patience. Just patience, that you can’t just go out there and charge into it. It’s a very short race, it’s only thirty minutes, so in the beginning, you don’t have much time to make your passes and so and so.

It’s inherent that doesn’t have patience, but that’s the big thing, you gotta learn patience, and take them one at a time, and really see the cars in front of the guy that’s in front of you. She’s catching on to that really quick.

Interviewer >

I’ll bet you wish these sorts of scholarships existed when you were starting out because it’s such a step up for them to get that help.

You’ve also got Ernie Francis, Jr. He too, is driver to focus on.

Al Unser, Jr. > 

Ya, he is, Working with Ernie, this weekend is the first time that we got it because the car was a little late.

This whole team was put together in a matter of two weeks by Sarah Fischer and her husband, Andy O’Gara, so it’s been a challenge, but you know the team has done a fantastic job, and you know, Ernie he got up to speed right away.

He’s got lots of experience, and I mean, it’s great working with him, too.

Interviewer >

Finally, with Chloe, what would you be happy with at the end of race three today?

Al Unser, Jr. > 

A finish. Just finish the race. We want her to get the laps in, you know, getting up as many positions as we can, safely, and that sort of thing… but today’s race is about finish.

Interviewer >

Obviously, motorsport is taking a much closer look at diversity, across the board, from NASCAR to INDY car, and now with Tony Perelli. So what do you think of the Future Star Racing program? 

Al Unser, Jr. > 

I think it’s a great opportunity. I think, especially with Tony Perelli taking ahold of the reigns and pushing this forward, it gives people of all diversity, and minorities, the ability to get into auto racing, what’s it’s really all about.

It teaches sportsmanship, competitiveness, all that kind of stuff, and so with the diversity program, Tony’s doing a great job with it.

And with Future Star Racing, Mark McAlister, our car owner, he’s jumped into it, too. He and Tony are working hand in hand together. It’s a fantastic thing.


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